Marcos Javier Morales creates bags with discarded materials from his neighborhood. He reuses raffia, polyethylene and coffee bags to create sustainable equipment for transporting objects. Marcos is a marika, a brown identity, he lived all his life in the Quilmes, Berazategui and Ezpeleta area. He firmly believes that in Provincia, his project, his body puts a performance into action: that of the one who puts the time and his own body to give life to something that another considers discarded.

His project is called Provincia, as the big cities on the southern periphery of the Buenos Aires suburbs call it. Stigmatized by the media, the neighborhoods of this area live a simple but meaningful life, where creativity and effort is what often manages to bring a plate of food to their homes.

In this project, Marcos began to give work to people from the neighborhood who are dedicated to clothing as a means of survival: Erica, Agustin, Matias, Angel, Mabel. To achieve the circularity of the materials, they do a deep cleaning of what could have been, for example, a bag of flour so that there is as little waste as possible. Marcos opens them one by one, cuts and sews them. To this end, he looks for the final product to maintain characteristics of what the original material was so that the workmanship is visible.

In this project, we seek through photography, performance and textile materials to present the work of Provincia and its presence in the territory. We created new pictures that shows how is the world of Marcos, but we also reutilice pictures from he's social media, in a gesture of upcycling.

Marcos wants to generate the bases to think about the future to expand Provincia by offering workshops for people from the neighborhood who are looking for a job opportunity in the reuse of these materials.