Órbita Wairless


In Órbita Wireless I asked myself questions about Latin American space and sovereignty to think about today's world. In various texts, Aldous Huxley philosophizes about how far the near space race would go in the future. The movies talk about a meteorite that could destroy the earth, but what happens if something like this happens to some of the objects that surround the atmosphere that were sent by us?

Historically, the continents that send the most satellites into space year after year are the USA and Europe, leaving Latin America behind despite its excellent scientific quality. These satellites sent into space would offer great internet services, but at a very high cost for the countries of our region.

With fiction, irony and creativity, I am interested in asking questions to the documentary photography. This project is part of a larger project that has to do with the sovereignty of our territory, the injustices we experience and the world of today, which with the fantasy of 'progress' thinks it's always better than the world of yesterday.